Wright tip – Energy management.

Wright tip – Energy management.

A few simple tips on reducing energy consumption in your home


Right now, most Australian households are already experiencing significant increases in their energy bills. Unfortunately, the average quarterly bill will undergo significant increases over the coming years as a result of energy-hungry technology, and the need to pay for newer infrastructure which is kinder on the environment and meets growing demand.

Apart from having a well-insulated home, here are a few simple things you could do to improve the efficiency of your home, and cut your energy bill:

1. Check the star-rating

Always check the star ratings for both water and energy on your household appliances. The more stars, the more efficient the product will be – and the more money you will save.

2. Choose new blinds and curtains

Window furnishings can play a big part in the way heat is retained, and how sunlight enters your home and heats up the living space in the Summer. If you’re upgrading your soft furnishings, do your homework. Look for light-coloured curtains or blinds to protect your living environment from hot or cold days.

3. Change your light bulbs

Change as many of your light fittings to compact fluorescents (CFL) which use only 20% of the energy that’s used by incandescent light bulbs and even less than halogen lights.

4. Change your shower heads

Inefficient showerheads can use up to three buckets of water every minute! Get a four-star, water-efficient showerhead fitted in the bathroom and save as much as 75-80% in your water usage and the resultant energy to heat the water up. Taking shorter showers can, of course, also help.

5. Turn appliances off standby

Always avoid leaving TVs, DVDs, VSRs and personal computers on standby. Whilst many of the newer plasma and LCD televisions use lower amounts of energy on standby, the golden rule should always be that if it can be switched off overnight, make the extra effort and cut your costs.

6. Keep warm and stay cool

If you’ve already had your home well insulated and made the most of the Federal Government’s Insulation Rebate, be mindful of changing the way you keep yourself warm and cool in the home. Whilst insulation reduces the need to switch your heating and cooling appliances on for longer periods, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still pop a jumper on in the winter, or strip down to your shorts around the home in the summer.

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